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The Background


Kim Ravenscroft, the force behind Fluggadugga Weaving Works started restoring antiques for the family home as a hobby in 1981. At the end of the 80's people were starting to ask if she would work on their furniture. In the early nineties she had a long list of regular clients and was working alongside a highly respected local fellow restorer under the trading name Former Glory, during this time she offered a complete restoration service but always specialised in seat weaving. When top quality materials became difficult to find, she imported her own and this led to the formation of a mail order company with husband Tim supplying hobby quantities of weaving materials. The website Seat Weaving Supplies was created and became one of few online suppliers at the time. Over the following four years they made three professional skill training DVDs together.

Kim currently collaborates with manufacturers, architects and interior designers creating bespoke installations alongside her restoration work as Former Glory. She is also authoring a series of manuals for seat weaving.

Freeform weaving is Kim's passion, however she also loves cats, music, her family and being a perfectionist - but not necessarily in that order. Why "Fluggadugga" you may ask? It's the made up word Kim's youngest son used when he didn't know the right descriptive term for something - a much more interesting word than "wotsit".

Unique, bespoke. Handmade in Dorset.